The focus that characterizes art creators in the world of NFTs that is making so much buzz is related, as is logical to think, to the creation stage.

Indeed, it is here that the artist’s ability to create a product that will be able to get noticed on the platforms where it will be published is most evident.

The creation phase, often overlooked by the masses, is one of the most important features from the point of view of various artists.

It is for this reason that many platforms that have been involved in the NFT business from the beginning have wanted to implement a section dedicated to the creation of NFTs to be published on the same platform, one of them being Opensea.

The novelty, however, that is attracting more and more artists is the possibility of using real apps for NFT creation.

Obviously, the use of an app entirely dedicated to the creation of NFTs is attractive to the artist as one expects a range of new functions that are more adherent to the needs of the creator.



Among the major applications in vogue at the moment are GoArt.

This application is fast becoming one of the major resources for all those who want to create NFTs to invest in right away.

The possibility that GoArt offers is mainly based on the possibility of being able to create NFTs directly from a smartphone very easily.

We talk about simplicity as the first aspect regarding GoArt as the developers who designed this app wanted to simplify as much as possible the functions directed to the creation of NFTs by offering the possibility for users to create NFTs from simple photos.

So the basic mechanism is very simple, you take a photo and with the system of creative filters implemented by GoArt you arrive at the creation of an NFT.

As is obvious, the filter system is the central pivot of this system, and the developers continue to work on it to implement more and more appealing versions of GoArt.

Many of the filters take inspiration from pop art or conversely from the classical art of Van Gogh and Picasso.

One can thus range from any genre to anywhere one wishes.

While the filter system may be reductive in some ways, the ever-growing user interest in GoArt has shown that the simplicity with which one can create personal NFTs from one’s own photos has prevailed among the general public’s expectations.



With SketchAR we return to drawing and creating from the AR digital drawing approach.

This application is the result of combining two technologies that are increasingly central to the creation of digital art: augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

It all starts with a smartphone camera.

The application offers as its main possibility to make everyone an art creator.

This is because the mechanism behind it is to help various artists reproduce as a pencil sketch, for example, a photo present on the cell phone through augmented reality.

With AR, in fact, the smartphone projects on a surface what is to be made by the artist as a guideline, and once finished, the image can be used to create an NFT.

The great usefulness of this app thus lies in the possibility offered to everyone to make a completely realistic sketch without having even the slightest basics of drawing and perspective.

That is why it has received great success especially among users who are new to the NFT world but definitely interested in getting into it.

Of course, the application already presents many sketches from which to create one’s own work of art.

NFT Creator

NFT Creator

As is the case with many applications developed for the creation of NFT, the purpose is largely to clear the way for the creation of quality art.

That is why NFT Creator also aims to create high quality art without necessarily having skills in drawing and broader digital art such as graphic design.

While many applications offer as their main option to start from a personal or taken photo in real time, NFT Creator relies on a database of graphics with the purpose of creating its own image directly within the app.

In fact, a first distinguishing feature for NFT Creator are the fully customizable backgrounds, which, thanks to a wide variety of color combinations and shades, make it possible to always start with a base or background appropriate to one’s creative ability.

The database also features abstract backgrounds that can be edited, ever-changing textures, and stock photos.

NFT Creator thus represents a new starting point for NFT creation; in fact, it is not necessarily based on a starting photo.

With NFT Creator you start with a simple background to customize and then move on to the subject of the creation.

The wide variety of backgrounds and textures made available by the application makes it possible to create ever-new and equally beautiful works without ever lapsing into monotony.

 The only limitation for the application is compatibility since it is only available for Apple devices.

8bit Painter

8bit Painter

One particular section in the NFT world concerns that of pixel art.

In this creative segment, subjects are portrayed with a very low pixel density, but this has, against all expectations in a world that chases the highest possible definitions, won over many users and investors because of the quality of the art that has come out of it.

So-called pixellated images have thus also won over the public thanks to applications such as 8bit Painter.

As can be understood from the very name of this application, the main purpose of 8bit Painter is to make images that make their “8-bit” resolution their trademark.

Today many NFTs that have become very popular use high-quality pixellated images.

Through 8bit Painter you can first choose the size of your NFT.

Various sizes are available from 16×16 up to 160×160.

With 8bit Painter you can start from a blank sheet of paper or images you already have and apply your own style in 8-bit pixel format.

Thus, the basis of 8bit Painter’s success is pixel art and this makes this app one of the best in the field also because you can use an NFT created on any application and make it into a pixel art work.


app nft

Based on the development of the applications presented, there is good news for all those who want to enter the world of NFTs despite not having art creator bases in their background.

The wake that many developers have taken is to minimize the skills needed to create NFT by trying, as has always been the case on the Internet, to clear each segment of creation to make it accessible to everyone.

In fact, the applications presented represent the easiest ways to enter the NFT world with a high degree of creative quality.


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