What are Play-to-Earn Games?

Video games have always been used for entertainment or hobbies. Of more recent conception is the use of video games for artistic or narrative purposes. In fact, until now, video games have never been thought of as a money-making activity.  In contrast, video games have always been a source of income for creators and developers […]

Difference between cryptocurrencies and NFTs

For all those who have not yet had the opportunity to discover the world of cryptocurrencies or with the world of NFTs, the whole mechanism that governs these economic sectors may prove to be hostile. In fact, while making staggering numbers, the basic concepts governing these areas are often incomprehensible to many. This position is […]


CryptoPunks represents a real status symbol today. Becoming an important chapter of recent history on the Internet regarding Web 3.0 evolutions is not for everyone. In this CryptoPunks represents a true example from which we can only learn. To date, CryptoPunks represents one of the most incredible and active success stories in the NFT industry […]

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Known more simply by the acronym BAYC, Bored Ape Yacht Club represents one of the most interesting and influential NFT projects of the moment. In fact, this fantastic project has long contended for the top spot among the most expensive NFTs within the market. BAYC’s rival has always been CryptoPunks, which has managed to be […]

NFT licensing: everything you need to know to protect yourself

Among the many industries that are gradually beginning to see the NFT and blockchain industry as an interesting development opportunity is the entertainment industry. Among the various competitors looking at the possible business to be established in the NFT field are such esteemed names and brands as Warner Bros, Disney, DC, and Marvel. As many […]

NFTs and Wine

Juxtaposing two worlds as far apart as the wine sector and the NFT sector would seem, at first glance, a gamble even too extreme. We shall see, however, these two realities have much in common, much to share; finding out how it is possible to reconcile them may help to improve both sectors. By way […]

The main reasons for buying an NFT

Dealing with the main reasons why people should at least consider taking an interest in the NFT market, we could cite data mainly concerning 2021. OpenSea, in fact, has published very interesting data in this regard. The marketplace that is seeing its traffic increase more than others showed its valuation: $1.5 billion. Now it should […]

How to showcase your NFT collection

If you are planning to showcase your NFT collection, it is good for you to know that the accelerating sales of Non Fungible Tokens will soon lead toward overtaking the valuation of physical artworks. Suffice it to say that as of 2021 the NFT market has been estimated in the dizzying amount of $41 Billion, […]

Doodles: everything you need to know

Despite the simple translation that the term doodles suggests, its meaning is closer to that of artwork than doodle. The value achieved in recent times is proof of this, as indicative of a digital art collection valued at around one hundred million dollars. Credit to the world of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, which, as such, are […]

Metamask: What it is and how it works

In the NFT world and the cryptocurrency business sector, in every guide available on the web today, there is a first and fundamental step to enter and begin trading tokens and various NFTs. Every guide available today puts the creation of a wallet first. The wallet is the actual virtual wallet where all users hold […]

What is a PFP?

What is a PFP Most users interested in the world of cryptocurrencies are beginning to understand the real meaning and value of the blockchain. So, they are becoming interested in the closely related world of NFTs. But it is safe to say that most are unaware of what are PFPs. Yet, among these people, there are […]

Investing in NFT: step-by-step guide to get started and earn money

Investing in NFTs: does it pay off? Trends in various NFTs rise and fall every day, if you too want to start studying and understanding when and how it is best to invest in the market, follow us in this guide.  In the previous article I told you about what NFTs are and how they […]

What are NFTs, how to start investing, and why do it now

A new, veritable digital marketplace is popping up on the web, and NFTs are the leading players of this period, but what are NTFs? How do they work? And most importantly: why invest in them? Let’s find out together about this new world, which from its inception in 2015 to today represents a multimillion-dollar market. […]