What is a PFP

Most users interested in the world of cryptocurrencies are beginning to understand the real meaning and value of the blockchain. So, they are becoming interested in the closely related world of NFTs. But it is safe to say that most are unaware of what are PFPs.

Yet, among these people, there are undoubtedly users and investors who have heard of CryptoPunks, Bored Apes or Doodles. Maybe they even invested while ignoring the existence of PFPs.

That’s why we’re going to talk about this category of NFTs. It’s silently ferrying the NFT market to the top by reaching larger numbers.

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It’s necessary to go up the slope in the overwhelming variety that characterizes the artists’ creativity in this field to describe what’s a PFP.

The finish line is a precise point where art collecting and digital art creation come together.

That’s why PFPs represent the meeting point between art and the digital world that has always fascinated and driven the success of NFTs.

On its artistic side, a PFP represents an object of undoubted value reproduced in limited quantities. On its “digital” side, the PFP is a product of an application or program. Placed in the right direction by the artist, the technology creates the work based on the vision of the person (or AI) creating the NFT.

The core is invariably an artist’s vision that kicks off a creation process that in some ways follows a course with planning and development phases almost as if it were a Formula 1 engine. Just as in the automotive world, the best creation acquires greater value.

How PFPs are created

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After categorizing PFPs in their context, it is good to understand their birth and “assembly” process. Then we’ll generate thoughts on the selling price and undisputed quality of these creations.

Needless to say, given the importance of these projects, such works often require not only an artist but a team to work to reconcile the best ideas to finalize the work.

The first stage is to identify a topic or subject.

It all starts with a single detail.

That could be about an animal, a character, or an identifying object of the moment.

From here on, you will proceed with understanding how you can give different shapes and traits to the main subject to create a collection.

That is why the developers behind the project aim to create pieces of a puzzle. These can be assembled in as many ways as possible to create different images. That’s where the details come in.

The artist or artists draw different features, such as types of physiques, a particular head or arm conformation, or a different skin color. Doing this may prove easier said than done.

Artists need to devise traits and details. When connected and assembled, they must return a pleasing, undistorted image that at a glance can belong to a particular collection.

That is why the secret behind it is to create one character at a time by realizing it in a “layered” process. The goal is to return quality work appreciated for its varied whimsy and overall vision.

Through these layers or strata, every developer has in his hands and in his head the useful elements to create collectible avatars to be modified with a bit of code (using for example Python).

Through this plug-and-play method, it becomes quite easy to generate PFPs even in rather numerous declinations.

The publication and sale of PFPs

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Having passed the creation phase, we move on to the release phase and then to publishing and selling.

To publish PFPs, it is necessary to take some vital steps, if you do not have a pre-existing base.

Remember that PFPs are still digital works that first need a website to be publicized.

For the actual sale instead, you need to create a smart contract to ensure that the transactions that will take place are protected both for sellers and buyers of the work.

Following the creation of your smart contract, you must test the various mint steps of the PFP to ensure that each NFT is processed correctly.

Then follows the decision on the way of conducting the sale.

In essence, here you must decide whether to sell the NFTs through auctions or fixed price.

Excluding technicalities, the key point is generating hype in the community.

The more the product you are creating is awaited, the more impactful the sale will be.

On the other hand, the hype generated does not represent the mathematical certainty of success.

The work generated must be somehow “worthy” of the attention and interest created in the community.

There have often been projects that generated hype in several communities that were then left disappointed because the project did not meet the expected artistic and quality standards.

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