Are you interested in the NFT Chicken Derby? Then Ready…Set…Go! Race your NFT chicken and win the races in style!

After the success of Ganja Farmer with more than 7 million downloads, the famous and renowned gaming house Final Boss launches a new blockchain-based PlayToEarn: Chicken Derby.

In today’s article you will find out how this new game works.

Chicken Derby NFT: the game

chicken derby il gioco

Chicken Derby is the new blockchain-based game where you will have a chance to earn ETH by playing.


Simple, you just race your chicken and win races!

Yes, you got it right…This is a game based on chicken races (all legal I swear!) and in order to participate you need to own one or more NFT chickens.

The developers, however, have thought big and have not stopped at just races, as there will be the possibility to join two chickens, have them procreate and build your own farm, but let’s go step by step.

The project started with 33,333 chickens of different breeds, characteristics and rarities, but this number will remain that way until the official release of the game and the next stages of the roadmap, which we will analyze in the next section.

Each of these chickens possesses special talents and metadata that make them perform more or less well on different types of terrain.

I talk about different terrains because there are 7 in the game: dirt, grass, road, rock, sand, snow and track.

It’s up to you to find out which is your chicken’s favorite terrain!

Roadmap Chicken Derby: the stages

Surely you have learned that the roadmap of a project is a key aspect to look at to understand its scope and validity.

By roadmap, I remind you, we mean the planning of goals over a given period of time.

The Chicken Derby website roadmap has been divided into 6 phases spread over 12 months, and each phase has its own launch date and a goal that the developers have already set for themselves.

Let’s take a look together at the development of this game bomb!


The launch of the first phase, called “egg,” was estimated for October 2021 with the opening of a private beta reserved for early adopters, selected players who already owned eggs to hatch. To be part of the private beta, it was necessary to register on Chicken Derby’s Discord server.


The launch of the second phase, called “hatching,” was planned for January 2022, when the opening of the open beta will be announced, allowing everyone who owns an NFT chicken to access the game. Everything is currently postponed for one quarter.


In the third phase, called “chick,” the game starts to get very interesting. From its launch, scheduled for April 2022, also postponed by a quarter, it will be possible to bring forth offspring from the union of two chickens (breeding), and a private auction system for buying and selling tokens between users will be activated.

STEP 4 🐔

Customize your chicken: put a Roman helmet on it and win races in style!

In the fourth phase, called “chicken,” it was planned to introduce new chickens, new events, and new types of races to keep the game challenging and exciting.

This phase was scheduled to be launched in July 2022 (new release October 2022).


For October 2022, then estimated for January 2023, the fifth phase, called “rooster,” has been scheduled, in which all marketing activities, the amount of chickens, competitions, and thus also prizes will be increased.


As icing on the cake, the developers have thought of in-game socialization. Players will be able to visit the barnyard and interact with other users, beautify their farm and show off the pieces of their collection.

This phase will be announced in the announcement section of their Discord server. Click here to log in.

The characteristics of NFT chickens

chicken derby caratteristiche

Chicken Derby NFT has released 33,333 chickens that have been divided into four major breeds: the Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder and Dorking; each chicken has certain characteristics that make it more or less rare.

What are they? Let’s look at them together.

Within the game, rarity and characteristics are relevant to winning races, so it is important that you know them to make your evaluations in terms of buying or selling.

One of the first features to look at in these NFTs is the coat color; in total there are 19 different colorations that are more or less rare, but the variations are based on the heritage of the basic chicken.

chicken derby caratteristiche comuni

The first breed of NFT chickens are the Serama; these are the chickens that have red coats as their basic color and are considered the rarest. Besides the ‘classic’, there are also the Rose, Shocking Pink and Cherry Dusk, which is the rarest type of Serama.

chicken derby caratteristiche non comuni

The second rarest breed is the Sultan Chicken Derby and these are the chickens with deep purple plumage, which is the basic heritage color. Besides the latter, there is also in shades of blue: Istanblue and Sapphire.

chicken derby caratteristiche rare

The third breed by rarity is the Lakenvelder, and the basic heritage color is a green. As with the other chickens, he also possesses more or less common color variations-Joker’s Jade, Wild Moss, and Manic Mint.

chicken derby caratteristiche ultra rare

Finally there are the Dorkings, which are the most common chickens and are usually white (Bald Chicken) or yellow (English Mustard). Then there are the orange ones (Orange Will) which are a bit rarer and the off-white ones (Eggshell).

Let us now move on to find out what the metadata of these NFTs are.

As I have already mentioned, each chicken possesses certain characteristics that make it more or less sought after and more or less strong on a certain type of land.

But let’s start with the basics…

Since we are talking about NFT we cannot but start with perfection: each chicken has a perfection ranging from 1% to 100%.

Consider that chickens with 100% perfection are the most expensive ones, but they are also the ones that will preform the most during competitions and also during breeding, that is, when there is a chance to mate two chickens. On the website, however, it is also said that not necessarily a 100% pure chicken beats a 99% chicken.

Why is this?

Because no chicken is perfect and each chicken’s performance comes from its traits, talents, and also the type of terrain on which it is competed, but we will see this aspect later.

Each NFT chicken, among its metadata, has one of 6 stock types: bland, tender, crisp, fresh, robust or spicy. Your NFT chicken’s stock type is one of the main factors that determines your chicken’s victory in a competition: spicy is the strongest and is part of the first 33,333 tokens released.

In addition to perfection, there is the ground of preference. Each chicken will have indicated, among its characteristics, one of the 7 terrains in the game because it will be the one on which it will perform best.

There will also be indicated a consistency value that will affect the chicken’s performance in a race: there will be times when the chickens will be more active and times when they will not. This feature has not yet been clearly revealed, but we will surely find out in time.

As in real life, on Chicken Derby NFT there are chickens divided by gender, both female (Hen) and male (Rooster). Although they look totally identical, you may have never noticed that there is one extra detail in some chickens: a claw located behind the legs. This small detail is only present in males.

Then we have the performance metadata. The performance of a chicken during competitions, comes from several variables that, in part, we have seen before: the type of stock it has, the per preference of the ground, and so on. I say partly because some of them have not yet been revealed. 😮

chicken derby nft game

As a last but not least feature, we have the talents. Every chicken possesses a special talent, more or less rare, that helps it win a race.

But what are these talents?

There are 20 different kinds of talents, one fancier than the other: the catapult, CK-47 (a chicken that shoots at other chickens), flight (chickens that fly), XL growth, the machete,… Of course, there are also the rarest and strongest talents: the jetpack, the fan group (a group of chickens that pounces on the first chickens in the race), the blue egg, the helicopter…

But beware! To make the buying and selling of NFT chickens more interesting, the authors of the project decided to distribute the different breeds in different amounts: a 6% Serama, a 16.5% Sultan, a 33% Lakenvelder, and a 44.5% Dorking.

If you want to learn more about Chicken Derby metadata, I suggest you go to their collection and play with the filters on the left. If you are still not familiar with the platform and not sure how to find the rarest NFTs, click here.

NFT Rare: The most unique chickens in Chicken Derby.

chicken derby nft rari

In the previous section I explained to you what the main breeds and characteristics of these rare NFT chickens are, so it is time to move on to learn about which chickens are the rarest within Chicken Derby and other metadata that increase their rarity.

chicken derby nft caratteristiche rare

Let’s start…If you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to own very rare chickens, which differ from others in their zebra-like coats.

chicken derby nft rare caratteristiche

Then, there are three other chickens that are very rare to find, whose basic color does not depend on heritage and which do not have the possibility of having a zebra coat. They are the classic, the black, and the robot, the rarest of all.

chicken derby nft colori

The rarity of a chicken is also derived from the color of its crest, so you can find chickens with more common crests and chickens with less common crests.

In addition, crests have been added that are exclusive only to basic heritage chickens that increase their rarity.

chicken derby nft creste

For the rarest chicken of all, the robot, a special crest was created that only he can have. If he was very rare without it, with this one he becomes extremely rare!

chicken derby nft colori rari

In addition to the different crests, five different beaks differing in rarity and color have also been added.

But that’s not all…

Each chicken also has the option of having an accessory to its beak: vampire teeth or a nose ring. :O

chicken derby nft occhi

There are also different types of eyes: from angry eyes to sad eyes to crazy eyes to robot eyes to alien eyes, and so on.

On the game’s main website, which I will link to at the end of the article, you will also find a table where you can see the rarity percentage of the various chicken characteristics.

The competitions and prizes

chicken derby nft premi

Let us now turn to the core of the game: the races.

There will be different types of races, ranging from 100 m to 200 m, and, of course, the larger the square footage, the longer it will take to finish the race.

In some races you will be able to participate for free, while in others you will have to pay a fee. These fees are used to be distributed in the free races and allow everyone to enter the game and win prizes, which, of course, will be smaller than in the paid races.

A percentage part of the fees will also come from the whole NFT chicken buying and selling market in order to be able to distribute more prizes and also of great value. The prizes will be divided among the top three winners of a contest: whoever comes first will get 55 percent, second 30 percent, and third 15 percent of the winnings.

Remember that each chicken performs differently depending on the type of terrain of the race, so the question to ask yourself is: Are you sure your chicken is the right one for this type of terrain?


To answer this question, you just have to find out by playing.

Here, I leave you the link to the Chicken Derby website where you can find all the info from the article you just read.

If I have intrigued you with these concepts you can take a tour of my Blog to find others that might interest you!

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