Despite the simple translation that the term doodles suggests, its meaning is closer to that of artwork than doodle.

The value achieved in recent times is proof of this, as indicative of a digital art collection valued at around one hundred million dollars.

Credit to the world of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, which, as such, are unique and non-reproducible, therefore, are capable of acquiring significant economic value.

The acronym NFT, therefore, uniquely and certainly indicates a digital product of various kinds such as an image, text, or video.

Identification, as well as registration, can take place thanks to the technology within which such products are created: the blockchain, a system capable of ensuring the transparency and verifiability of what is created or transferred on the same.

What is the NFT Doodles collection?

doodles cosa è

Doodles constitute a collection of ten thousand digital elements created by Evan Keast, Scott Martin and Jordan Castro, also known respectively as: Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie.

These are PFP images that generally serve as profile photos and arise from the combination of original and distinctive features evocative of animal, human, alien, and so on figures.

Each Doodle is, therefore, unique and inimitable, as identified on the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the creators, Martin, has produced hundreds of unique features for the said collection.

The entire team launched Doodles on Oct. 17, 2021 at a cost considered rather high for the product it represented.

However, the high price allowed the creators to secure a good nest egg and then implement something no one ever expected: within a month or so of the project’s inception, the team made Doodles an exclusive project for only the first thousand participants.

The Doodles Community

doodles community

The strategy of making Doodles an exclusive, few-member Community has also worked in the long run.

In fact, the peculiar character of the project, aimed at rewarding supporters of the same, has been so successful that it has welcomed several celebrity names.

Shortly after Doodles sold out, the Discord server was opened again allowing new collectors to join, ready to be part of the most exclusive community on the web.

The desire to participate made the community more and more appealing in the eyes of those who were first able to appreciate the great potential of the project, determining, reflexively, even greater expectations in those who did not immediately grasp the intuition to interact with the team by supporting it from the very beginning.

In this way, the Doodles gained value and the desire to grab them grew by leaps and bounds.

The Community Vote

doodles dao

The Doodles community can be defined as an autonomous decentralized ecosystem, also referred to as a DAO, since it allows its members to take part in decisions about what affects the entire community: from the introduction of new digital products to the management of features inherent in the platform itself.

Just as it happens within any corporation, in Doodles members have the power to vote and, therefore, to guide deliberations, which can also relate to funding, as well as decisions regarding the promotion of live organized events and much more.

The authors decided that a Doodle was equivalent to a vote, however, the proposals with respect to which to make decisions gradually waned as the entire project gained more and more organizational and economic stability within the relevant digital marketplace.

Doodles as a form of entertainment

doodles pfp

The founding team of Doodles is intent on continuing the path it has taken by creating a kind of interconnection between the virtual and real worlds.

The digital community created by Doodles would seem to be only the tip of the iceberg of a much larger project. In fact, the founders have planned to organize live events capable of introducing the project to all those who want to get closer to the world of Doodles.

Among the first events already realized we can mention the one held during Art Basel Miami, in collaboration with The Heart Project.

In fact, this was exactly the first event, dated December 2021, in which the team left the imprint of what would be the nature and atmosphere it aims to reproduce, to give leisure and fun to those who want to be part of the Doodles ecosystem.

The second event was then launched in June 2022 and was an opportunity to showcase and unveil the many initiatives that the founders plan to materialize in the near future, including projects such as Doodles 2, Doodles Records, and many others.

The future of Doodles

doodles futuro

Although the Doodles project is extremely recent, it seems to fear no sunset.

When the likes of Madonna and U2 enter the world of Doodles, presenting themselves as staunch supporters of an idea that has grown with astounding rapidity, it is hard to imagine that the young founders’ dream will be dashed too soon.

At the moment, the value of the collection is estimated at around 141,000 ETH, and the team is in fervent excitement about launching a number of initiatives.

Among the most eagerly anticipated and listed by members is the Doodles Fundraise, that is, a fundraiser designed to grow Doodles in the financial market.

The second project, on the other hand, is named Doodles 2, planned as a kind of expansion of the ecosystem conceived by the founders.

Doodles 2 will, most likely, live on a different blockchain and will allow for much easier customization, facilitated by the rapid choice of genetic traits such as that related to complexion or hair color, thus determining increasing levels of Doodles’ rarity.

They will, therefore, be dynamic NFTs, also featuring possible animated versions complete with original music, capable of making the product truly unique and inimitable.

Exactly on the musical line was then born the new idea named Doodles Records, where the same music tracks will be able to accompany the new NFTs in an absolutely original way.

In addition, the NFT Dooplicator collection was also released, which will empower Doodles owners to transfer some of the original traits of their products to Doodles 2, thus enabling more efficient interaction between elements that are part of the same large ecosystem.


doodles nft

The world of Doodles is comparable to a Copernican revolution in terms of its innovative scope.

From this point of view, the founders can be considered true geniuses in that they are able to derive incredible potential from simple games of shapes and colors, using blockchain.

The key words are originality and rarity.

Man has always felt attracted to what is valuable and essentially becomes so as it is rare or endowed with a certain exclusivity.

When you add to this the ingredients of fun and sociability, placed in the context of the duality of approach, together virtual and real, the recipe is complete and all that remains is to serve the dish.

The events created by the founding team of Doodles aim precisely at creating a rapid interconnection on both levels: what is virtual acts as a stimulus for real encounters.

The authors like to call it an ecosystem, thus identifying the most revolutionary aspect of the project and that is the possibility of creating, organizing and managing a parallel world to the existing one with the possibility of creatively transferring content from one side to the other, thus generating sociability and fun.

If these are the assumptions, all that remains is to wait to see its development, crystallized by the vibrant shapes and colors of Doodles that, with a hint of irreverence, are preparing to conquer the world.

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