How to create a free Nft? Where to start?

If you are asking yourself these questions surely you would like to create an NFT and sell it on the digital market.

Today I’m going to teach you how to do that!

Specifically, let’s see how to create an nft on OpenSea! In fact, thanks to the OpenSea marketplace, you too can create an NFT in just a few minutes without having to pay any upfront costs!

That’s right, totally free of charge. Only if you decide to sell your token, you will have to pay a small commission to the referral platform.

Before we begin, let’s look at the topics we will cover today.

The content

creare un NFT

Before starting the tutorial, as a first step, you must own, or create, content to convert to NFT. In a previous article, I mentioned how much content you can transform: jpg images, gifs, illustrations, videos, screenshots (think Jack Dorsey’s twitter sold for 3 million), audio, 3D models of a particular object, photos of landscapes, of objects, and whatever else.

You can create and offer for sale really anything, as long as you have the rights of use, especially for images and photos

How to Create a NFT: Let's start with the wallet.

creare NFT

Before we look at how to create a free NFT: you need a crypto wallet! If you don’t have one yet and don’t know where to start, follow this tutorial where I will explain each step.


There are many wallets for this kind of service, but the one we will look at today is my favorite, for security and ease of use, and it is the most widely used in this field: MetaMask. Accessing the MetaMask wallet means having a blockchain address where you can receive crypto and NFTs. Find the guide on metamask HERE.

creare NFT metamask

What do I need a crypto wallet for if it is free to create?


To create NFTs on OpenSea, the platform asks you to activate and link a wallet. This is because if you decide to sell your work, you will have to buy the cryptos to pay a fee (commission) to OpenSea.


Let’s get to the action.

come creare NFT metamask

To download and access MetaMask, go directly to the site ( and click on Download Now. Now, all you have to do is select the operating system (if you are accessing from a smartphone) or browser of the computer you are connected with, and click on Install MetaMask thus adding the extension.

nft come creare

Once downloaded, the platform will ask you if you already have a wallet or if you want to create one. Click Create. You will now need to create a password (SECURE! mind you!).

At this point you will be given a secret backup phrase, which is important for recovering the wallet in case you lose your computer or need to access it from other devices, so I recommend storing the phrase in a safe place that cannot be traced online (a piece of paper). After saving the phrase you will need to reconfirm it for added security.

You now have your digital wallet and are ready for the next step.

As I explained earlier, if you want to create and sell your NFT, you need to buy crypto (ETH) in order to sell the token on the OpenSea marketplace. Let’s see together how.

In addition to the wallet you will need a crypto exchange to be able to buy or sell the currencies. In a previous article I explained how to access and use Coinbase as an exchange (if you missed it, take a look).

Coinbase? Yes the next step is really to use this platform!

Once you register on Coinbase all you have to do is click Buy/Sell and select Deposit Funds so that Coinbase can receive our money.

The platform will give you all the indications to be able to make a transfer from your bank: iban, recipient, country…It is very important the reference number, which you will have to enter in the reason for the transfer and which will be used by the Coinbase staff to link the account to the account.

After receiving the money, you will have to go to the wallet and purchase the cryptos, in ours are ETH. Once received, click on Send/Receive, select Pay With and search for “ETHER” in the small search bar.

Finally, choose the amount and indicate your account wallet address, which can be found by clicking on the Metamask extension icon at the top right of the search bar.

NFTs: how to create them? Follow the tutorial!

nft come creare nft

Now that you have the content to convert and the crypto wallet, all you need is a platform on which to publish and sell it. In this guide we will look at the OpenSea platform, which allows you to create an NFT without having to pay any upfront fees.

come creare nft eth

To get started go directly to the home of the site ( and click on Create. You will now be asked to select your crypto wallet (select MetaMask) and confirm the popup that comes up on Metamask. You will also be sent an authentication email to accept OpenSea’s terms and conditions of use.


Now click on the image and upload a photo or whatever content you want to convert to NFT.


Once uploaded, you will be asked to fill in a series of parts to give ‘life’ to your token: enter the name, a description, an external link (your site or your social or Discord accounts). In case you have more tokens at your disposal, you can create a collection and catalog your NFTs.


In addition, you can also insert metadata, the properties of your NFT such as: gender, accessories… Insert exclusive content such as discounts, an access key, a link to a downloadable file… And then, you can also add levels and statistics, but these are used more in gaming. It is also important to indicate if it is explicit content (swearing, sex, etc…)


Finally, select the blockchain on which you want to create the token and determine the amount of Supply of the NFT, i.e. the number of copies that exist; if you want to create a unique one simply enter the value 1.


Now, click on CREATE. You are done!

How to sell NFTs?

After OpenSea generates your NFT, you can decide to put it up for sale.

come creare nft opensea

Click Sell and enter the price in ETH at which you want to sell it. Remember that OpenSea will keep the 2.5% commission from the future sale.

If you do not want to put the token up for sale right away, you can set the duration (Schedule for a future time) to put it up for sale later in time.

Privacy: with this option, you can sell it privately by entering only the address of the person you have made arrangements with in case you want to make a private sale.

Finally, click on post your listing. To validate the transaction, you will be asked to make a transaction to pay a fee, which is a commission (the amount depends a lot on the time you are operating based on blockchain congestion, a concept we will cover later).

Now that you’ve seen how to create and sell NFTs-this is just a small part of what you can do with OpenSea. If you’re interested, I’ve discussed other features of the platform in another article (if you’d like, take a look at it).

If I’ve intrigued you with these concepts you can take a tour of my Blog to find others that might interest you!

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