If you are planning to showcase your NFT collection, it is good for you to know that the accelerating sales of Non Fungible Tokens will soon lead toward overtaking the valuation of physical artworks.

Suffice it to say that as of 2021 the NFT market has been estimated in the dizzying amount of $41 Billion, only $9 Billion less than what was generated by the traditional art market in 2020.

Some hurdles still need to be overcome to make sure that digital works are disseminated and a proper buying and selling channel can be created.

The main problem is just how to create one’s own NFT collection and how to display digital artworks.

NFT Digital Frames

Cornici NFT digitali

Digital NFT Frames are the most attractive and interesting means of displaying your artwork.

One possible way of showcasing digital creations consists of the so-called Tokenframe NFT Display.

This is a special frame equipped with an anti-glare screen, stereo speakers, and an auto-rotating function.

These digital frames can be controlled remotely via your smartphone and allow you to switch screens among your many NFTs on display followed by their respective QR codes.

In January 2022, a Web3 company, Atomic Form, received the prestigious Innovation Award due to the outstanding performance of their Atomic Form Wave 4K Digital Picture Frame.

This NFT Display is connected with your crypto wallet and is able to verify each of your works on the blockchain before displaying them. You can manage and share your Non Fungible Tokens with anyone using the company’s flagship Wave device.

The latter has announced the release of a new version of the Display, the WaveF2; the launch includes a pre-sale with a special edition of the Atomic Form digital picture frame.

Another company that has every intention of wanting to bring NFTs into the real world is the start-up Infinite Objects; it provides electric digital frames for video artwork.

To get the digital frame you must first upload the file of your creation to the company’s website.

The price of the service varies depending on the type of display you choose; in a few weeks your framed digital artwork will be delivered to you.

You won’t even have to worry about any cuts, as the device supports videos that run for 24 hours straight. In addition, if you are an NFT NBA Top Shot owner, you will receive a Certificate of

Authentication on your printed digital works. Infinite Object accepts payments with Bitcoin, USD Coin, and Ethereum.

Print your NFT

stampare nft

If you are looking for the most economical way to exhibit your collection of NFTs you could make a print of the digital works, just as you would any still image.

To make a verification scan or to sell NFTs you need to assign each of your tokens a precise QR Code.

To do this, there are special sites where you can generate QR Codes to attach to your works; Scanova or QRCode Monkey are the most trusted on the web at the moment.

If you are unsure about what type of photo paper to choose, what size or finish to put on the details of your NFT to be printed, you can turn to the services of the Solid brand.

This brand uses advanced technological standards to offer high definition printing for your NFTs.

 You won’t have to worry about the size of the picture, with the quality of the frame or with the durability of the print grain and texture.

Your NFT print will be delivered hassle-free right to your door.

Show your NFT Collection online

Mostra la tua Collezione NFT online

If you want to find out what will be the secret to the success of your online NFT collections, you will have to interface your creations with the biggies of the buy-sell marketplace such as OpenSea, Raribe, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare.

Millions of potential digital art buyers visit these must-see marketplaces daily.

Most of the profits generated by the NFT industry come from these very sites that specialize in showcasing your Digital Collection online.

In addition to these web-based buy-sell marketplaces you might try placing your art reviews on sites like Showtime, Collectors Hub and Lazy, where artists and collectors post content on a regular and organized basis.

If you happen to have a substantial number of followers on socials such as Discord or Twitter, you might choose to do the launching of your art NFTs yourself.

Eventually it will be your own portfolio or personal site that will allow you to showcase your collection of NFTs and sell each work when you want to.

You won’t have to be subject to terms and conditions to sign, and you will be free from restrictions and fees dictated by the NFT marketplace.

Show your NFT collection in the Metaverse

nft metaverso

NFTs are considered multi-dimensional assets, and their economic valuation is not limited to online markets or the world of digital frames.

The various Metaversi own art galleries and spaces designed to host reviews and exhibitions of artistic NFTs.

In the present case on Decentraland and Sandbox, interested people can purchase digital spaces in which to hold events, exhibitions, and shows for the purpose of promoting the purchase of NFTs and inviting other users.

Once you have signed up for membership and purchased your virtual fair, you can hold auctions, targeted sales, and other events to promote and sell your collection of NFTs.

Since limited edition always creates a strong hype on the customer, you can even create special events with passes and restricted entry and promote it through your favorite social channels.

If you are a novice and find sites like Decentraland too expensive for your budget you could try Cyber, an online space in which you can display your NFTs for free.

Of course, the user base of this popular site does not promise to launch you into the Olympus of digital art creators. In any case, Cyber organizes full immersion exhibitions and ongoing NFT-themed fairs.

Conclusions: NFT digital art vs. physical art

Proposed alternatives on how to display your NFT Collection may be able to narrow the potential gap between the digital art industry and the world of physical artwork.

New methods for exhibiting NFT to a mass audience may accelerate the awareness that is gaining momentum about Web3.

Virtual frames and displays for NFT will also be a pioneering means of learning about and accepting blockchain technologies even among audiences not accustomed to the crypo and metaverse mentality.

It is worth noting the fact that when you make a transaction with NFTs, it will be recorded on the blockchain, and it will remain there immutably and transparently as proof of the purchase and sale and all previous owners of the artwork.

How to make money with NFTs then?

You can use NFTs for collecting purposes, to gain access to special services, exclusive communities, and even to enter physical museums.

The NFT art market is not a bubble, and it has impressive data on volumes traded in cryptocurrencies.

The Azuki project for example since the beginning of 2022 has moved transactions of as much as 26,000 Eth; if one considers an average valuation of $3,000 per Ethereum the transacted figure is truly mind-boggling.

To sell and trade digital artwork you will need to be able to do good NFT marketing, presenting your projects with the appropriate frames, choosing an appropriate tone of voice on your site, and creating a strong community around your project.

If the target market for your NFTs is the collector market remember that projects generally make 10,000 pieces available; even if sold at low prices they still offer good business opportunities.

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