Want to know how I can find the most promising mints while spending little and earning 4/5 times more? Find out in this dedicated guide that teaches you which NFTs to invest in!

Andrea, but what tools do you use to find NFTs before others do? And most importantly, how do you evaluate them?

Every day on social media and YouTube, people who follow me often ask these two questions, and in today’s article, I decided to answer them through an article-tutorial. By the end of the article, you will realize how much easier it will be for you to find and analyze an NFT project before everyone else.

Today I am going to reveal to you the tools I use the most in researching and analyzing NFT projects and investments.

Which NFT to invest in? Step one: analyze a project

Which NFTs to invest in? Before you hurt yourself in buying and investing in NFTs, driven by emotion and FOMO, I will teach you how best to analyze an NFT project.

Buying NFT is a real investment, and as in all investments it is good to think carefully about how to act before jumping in head first. If you are going to participate in an NFT mint, study its data carefully to see if, over time, it can pay off more and, most importantly, not to get scammed.

There are thousands of NFT projects and investments, however–how do I figure out which one is best for me?

Since it may seem complicated to evaluate a mint, below I will list and explain metrics through which you can evaluate the projects you are interested in:

Basic project information Who are the developers?
Always ask yourself this question when evaluating a project because understanding who they are is important so you don’t get scammed. On sites where you can find mints, there is usually always a dedicated section.


  • BEWARE of projects that have anonymous developers because they are a danger to your investment. Would you ever buy a Monet work online, passed off as original, without having any idea who the seller is?

Sometimes, it happens that there are projects that work very well even if the developers are anonymous, but 99% of the time unfortunately this is not the case. Many may act unfaithfully to enrich themselves at your expense.

  • Scarcity of NFTs
    If a mint contains some NFTs with higher rarity, it is very likely to be a project that, in the long run, can yield more than the initial expenditure.
  • Community activity and interaction
    On the Discord channel, how many users are there? How active are they? The validity of a project is also judged by the answers to these questions, however, remember that a channel with many memberships does not mean that it is an active channel or that it is a project that will work.
    In recent months there have been several mint authors who have paid bots to join their Discord server to make their project seem huge. Twitter is also an important social channel for seeing community activity and interaction
  • Future mint planning: the Roadmap.

What did the developers set out to do?

The roadmap is an action plan that represents what the project will be in the future: “when we reach this we will do this, in December we will do this, in January we will do this, etc…”
Each of these metrics will help you in evaluating the project, so pay close attention to this document.

Now what? Now let’s look at some of the tools for finding the most interesting NFT projects and investments before the others.

1st tool: Rarity.Tools

investire NFT rarity tools

A great platform for finding future drops and mints is

It is a platform that also allows you to look at the rarity of the projects listed on the site itself. Many of the projects on the site have paid to be there and they are projects on ETHEREUM’s NFT blockchain, so that will be on OpenSea. The authors pay to have their projects featured in the top lines, so you will come across sponsored mints.

In the UPCOMING section you can find out about new mints coming up, scrolling down you can find all the future drops/mints you can participate in. By selecting a mint directly from the site you can get participation at a relatively low price, generally ranging from 0.03 ETH to 0.07/0.08 ETH. Then there are also the FREE MINT projects that I mentioned in this article.

You will see first, the projects of the previous day and, scrolling down, those of the current day, tomorrow and the next few days.

rarity tools nft

At the side of each project you can find the mint release date, price, social channels, and a link. These last two points are very interesting because from them you can directly access Discord, Twitter, and the site to inquire and make your own evaluations.

It is a very intuitive tool and great for evaluating individual projects and the rarity of NFTs in a collection.

You can find the site here:

2nd tool for buying and investing in NFT: NFT Catcher

NFT Catcher per comprare e investire in NFT

Unlike Rarity, which offers projects only in ETH, NFT Catcher is a site that deals with various types of projects available on different blockchain platforms, but it works exactly like the former.

So, scrolling down you find all the projects that have scheduled mint for the current day, for the next day, and for those to come. Also through this site, you can directly access the mint website and social channels Discord and Twitter.

Remember to analyze each project following the analysis guidelines I explained in the first part of the article.

You can find the site here:

3rd tool for investing in NFT: PlayToEarn

investire in NFT: PlayToEarn

If you are interested in gaming-related projects, the PlayToEarn site is the right platform for your research.

But…I have to warn you: investing in gaming mints may prove to be a bit more dangerous than other mints, which are already high risk. It often happens that authors, in order to attract as many people as possible, guarantee rewards that they then fail to actually give or that are not sustainable over time.

Be very careful!

PlayToEarn investire in NFT

This platform allows you to find all projects in gaming that are on blockchain, thus using NFT. Here, all projects in alpha, live, presale, in development,…And you can easily sort them through the ALL-STATUS filter.

After that, you can have fun playing with the various filters that the platform offers to find the project that best fits what you are looking for and thus begin an in-depth study.You can choose the game genre, blockchain, device or browser for which a game is compatible, and so on…

Also on this platform, between the first lines of the results, there are the mints of the authors who paid to appear there. They are easily noticed because they are marked with the megaphone symbol (in the photo I have circled it in yellow).

You can find the main site here:

If you are interested in PlayToEarn, I have written an article related to the topic. If you’d like, you can take a look at it by clicking here

Bonus Tool: Ultrasound

Ultrasound nft

Ultrasound is not really a site for finding NFTs before others, but it is very interesting for seeing how many ETH are being “burned” every second on the Ethereum network.

The site allows you to see all the transactions, wallet addresses and other data on the Ethereum blockchain that are happening right now.

But you can also find “secret” mints….

For example, if you know about a project, but can’t find it on any other site, you’re sure to find it on Ultrasound. Why?

Ultrasound allows you to see all interactions on the Ethereum network. This means that if you can’t find a project on, say, Rarity.Tools it might be a private mint, and therefore invitation-only. When an author wants to promote his project on the web or wants his NFTs not to be sold out, he invites influencers, users who are well known in the field and who are already part of big projects or who have big capital.

The figure circled in red is the amount of ETH burned in one day. You can also select another time frame.

Clicking on one of the items on the right opens a link on which you can see all the interactions between the users of that particular item you clicked on by viewing the Etherscan page, where you can see all the movements.

nft Ultrasound

This is the table of interactions.

You can find the main site here:

Now what? Now you can start studying by putting what you learned today into practice and stay tuned so you don’t miss the next updates on the world of NFT investing!

Your journey, however, is not over. There are more tricks I have to reveal to you….

If I’ve intrigued you with these concepts you can take a tour of my Blog to find others that might interest you!

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