Thanks to the great visibility that the world of NFTs acquires day by day, many of the users have begun to take an interest in specific works belonging to the artists who have revealed themselves from time to time as the most followed of the moment.

In the great welter of artists crowding the various digital art platforms, some names stand out more than others because of the quality and, above all, the price at which the relevant artworks have been priced.

Who is Beeple

Beeple Everydays the first 5000 days

One of the most influential names in this field is undoubtedly Beeple, the stage name of Mike Winkelmann, who has made and continues to make waves both for the quality of his art and for his commitment to depicting the socio-political events that characterize current geopolitical events from time to time in an irreverent but always incisive manner.

Mike Winkelmann was born in a small town in Wisconsin, married to a teacher, has two children and lives in a Charleston neighborhood.

From this description, there certainly does not seem to emerge the image of a man whose most famous work has earned more than $69 million.

Beeple is a visual artist as well as an excellent graphic designer who is no stranger to big names in the world of technology and art.

An artist with a decidedly eclectic personality both in the way she creates her art to the very subjects she depicts.

His art refers mainly to dystopian scenarios often influenced by vaporwave and cyberpunk.

Mike Winkelmann often declares that he does not possess great skills in technology or art and that he continually wants to improve his skills, this dimension of himself has always divided both the traditional and contemporary art world.

Where to some experts, in fact, his works are trivial or negligible, to others his creations are worthy of the large takings the artist has made through NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and investments.

Beeple's most famous works

Beeple Human One

But what are the works that marked Beeple’s artistic rise?

To rank Mike Winkelmann’s artistic output, one need only select the most expensive NFTs of 2021 to access a series of 3 record-breaking creations.

When it comes to Beeple, it is impossible not to mention Everyday’s – The First 5000 Days, which left everyone breathless because of the amount at which Christie’s, the famous auction house, fetched it: $69.3 million.

Without any pre-sale opinions, without any publicity done beforehand, this work was hammered out for this exorbitant figure that was arrived at from an auction base of only $100.

Indeed, the expression used for the pre-auction catalog is famous: estimate unknown.

Beeple’s second landmark artwork is Human One beaten at the 21st Century Art Evening Sale.

Human One depicts a vitrine within which four connected screens can be discerned in which an astronaut walks through an ever-changing landscape.

With Human One, Beeple wanted to twist the very definition of a work of art, which by its very nature pertains more to a concept of a finished, unchangeable work, succeeding in making a work that was inspired more by the evolving course of life than a portrait of a single moment.

The work went for $29.8 million.

The third work, sold for $6.6 million despite having already been put up for $66,666.66 on Nifty Gateway in 2020.

From October 2020 to February 2021, the work was thus revalued by 1000% increasing the artist’s number of hits and establishing him among the most influential artists of the moment.


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